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Pezhham Ahkavass


Persian Percussion Tombak and Daf

The concert will be a Persian percussion solo include Tombak (which is a goblet drum), Daf (Kurdish Iranian frame drum), and some other frame drums percussion. The solo will include mostly improvisation and fixed compositions in Persian rhythm.

Artist bio

With the support of his renowned artist father Mostafa, Pezhham began studying the Tombak at the age of five with the guidance of Ostad Naser Farhanghfar. From 1989-1991, he continued studying tombak with Mr. Saeid Roudbary. Pezhham developed a very unique ability to grasp the technicalities of the tombak and bring a new approach to rhythm. His unique approach has resulted in Pezhham being termed one of the most distinguished musicians of his generation. In addition to tombak and daf, he is knowledgeable about Setar, Tanbour and Oud, and has studied other percussion instruments including: Indian Tabla with the guidance of Ostad Zakir Hussain since 2011.

Pezhham Akhavass



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