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Seattle World Percussion Society (SWPS) is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion, participation and appreciation of World Music, Drumming, & Dance in Seattle.  

We do this through:

  • Increased community access to music participation and learning resources

  • Cultural exchange and awareness

  • Arts education

SWPS celebrates and supports Seattle's vibrant web of world rhythm and dance teachers, performers and activities.  SWPS generates discovery and participation in these accessible arts by helping to link students to teachers and by sponsoring participatory rhythm and dance events.

Through experiencing the infectious rhythms of Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, India, Asia, and Native America, people of all ages and cultures discover the pulse of creativity we share across all cultures.

Highlights of SWPS activities


World Rhythm Festival (WRF)

SWPS produces this annual event. Drawing regional, national and international world music artists and participants, the WRF is one of largest events of its kind. Performances and participatory workshops highlight rhythm and dance traditions from around the planet.


Community Rhythm & Dance Events

SWPS hosts a monthly First Thursday Drum Circle and organizes the Rhythm Tent at the NW Folklife Festival.  We also support other events produced by independent groups. This type of outreach gives people a chance to appreciate world music and culture and discover themselves as musicians.


Community Drum Kit

SWPS owned many percussion instruments and a dance floor that we made available for teachers and facilitators of drum workshops and rhythm events in schools, at community events, and in health and wellness settings.  These resources, which gave thousands of people their first and often pivotal experiences with drumming, the power of rhythm, and the thrill of group music making, were stolen in October 2020.  A generous contributor recently donated dozens of drums, but they are more fragile than the previous inventory.  We are deciding when and how to share them with the public aside from our monthly First Thursday Drum Circles and the World Rhythm Festival.  We have yet to replace our dance floor.


Drumming Resources

The SWPS website connects with area teachers, performers, and events where people of all ages, interests and experience levels can pursue their learning about world music culture.  

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