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Khmer Amarak Performing Arts


Robam Selepak Khmer

Khmer Amarak Performing Arts is a youth-focused traditional Khmer dance and music program by Khmer Community of Seattle King County. “Robam Selepak Khmer” translates into “Khmer Art of Dance” and our group Khmer Amarak Performing Arts means “Forever Lives Khmer Performing Arts.” In our performance, we demonstrate the ways we are keeping our Khmer culture alive through the arts. We are performing two Khmer traditional classical dances: Phoung Neary, which illustrates the evolution and growth of our beautiful Khmer women and their strengths; and Robam Choun Por, the Blessing Dance, which is traditionally performed before special events and occasions to share good blessings for the space and audience.

Artist bio

Khmer Amarak Performing Arts is a youth-focused, traditional Khmer music and dance program of the Khmer Community of Seattle King County. We use traditional Khmer performing arts to (re)connect Khmer youth to their heritage and culture while also sharing the richness of Khmer arts with the larger community of Seattle and King County.

Stephanie Ung & Kammy Ra



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