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Jim Boneau

Drum Circles

First Night Drum Circle

In addition to performing with Jamtown John Hayden in the Jamtown Howdy Band, Jim Boneau will lead the First Night Drum Circle. Get ready to enter the Rumble Zone!

Artist bio

Jim Boneau is an author, leadership development practitioner, and workshop facilitator. Jim’s expertise as an experiential facilitator has been sharpened by his work as a drum circle facilitator. Jim is a trainer for Village Music Circles, certified to teach the VMC drum circle facilitator workshops. In addition, Jim is the developer and trainer of VMC Mentor program, building leadership skills for community development. Jim has partnered with Arthur Hull for 20 years, leading workshops around the globe.

Jim’s passion for drum circle facilitation shows in his commitment to community drumming in his hometown of Seattle, WA. Jim has served as President of the Seattle World Percussion Society and Chaired the Seattle World Rhythm Festival. For the past 8 years, Jim is part of the team facilitating 3 days of community rhythm circles at the Northwest Folklife festival, creating opportunities for hundreds of new families to learn about drumming. Jim supports multiple small community circles throughout the year.

As Founder of The Rumble Group, Jim is merging the worlds of traditional leadership development and rhythm to create a new, immersive growth and development methodology. Igniting innovation, accelerating change and creating new pathways for personal and professional development are benefits clients are discovering through Rumble.

Jim Boneau


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