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Music & Dance

Indigo, with George Sadak


Egyptian Raks Sharki (aka BellyDance) Workshop with Indigo

We will explore dance movements and combinations including regional movements to the rhythms drummers are exploring. Students will be taught how to listen to rhythms and exploration of musical interpretation will be presented. The last 10 minutes of the workshop we will combine the drumming and dance class for a live performance of the material taught.

Artist bio

Indigo was drawn to BellyDance and Yoga as a young adult. She has performed BellyDance professionally for most of her adult life and she continues to learn and study BellyDance and Folkloric dance from regions of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Indigo is a Licensed Yoga Instructor and Physical Therapist Assistant her classes are safe and welcoming of all bodies.

Lisa Wood - Indigo, George Sadak - George Sadak


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