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Fode Sylla


West African Dance

Master musicians and dancers Fode Sylla & Manimou Camara will lead a workshop focusing on the traditional dances of Guinea.

Artist bio

Fode Sylla is a dynamic drummer, dancer and performance artist from Conakry, Guinea, who specializes in traditional West African drum and dance. Fode received circus arts training at the esteemed Centre d?art acrobatique KEITA Fodoba (TINAFAN) from 2005-2007. He is a master of West African Rhythms, having performed with the nationally renowned Ballet Mervielle de Guinea as well as Amoussou, an Ivory Coast dance troupe.

Manimou Camara is a master drummer and dancer from Guinea. He began studying the music and dance of Guinea at the age of twelve. His primary education was spent with Sekou Dico Sylla, Karamoko Daman, and the nationally recognized Ballet Saamato. He has played lead dunun for Mohamed Kemoko Sano's world-renowned Ballet Merveille and conducted rhythm and dance camps for people from Europe, Japan, and the United States. Manimou is the founder of Dounia Djembe, a Seattle-based percussion and dance company.

Fode Sylla


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