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Dance with Dora


Let's Swing with the Axe' Rhythm of Salvador Bahia!

Join the amazing Dora Oliveira for this fun and high-energy dance workshop exploring the axe' and rhythm of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil! While "axe'" has more than one meaning in Portuguese and is often used as a positive expression or greeting in conversation (think "good vibes"), it's also a popular music genre that originated in Salvador, Bahia in the 1980s, fusing different Afro-Caribbean genres, such as marcha, reggae, and calypso. You don't want to miss this workshop!

Artist bio

Dora is a talented artist whose passion for dance and music inspired her to establish her own company. Her persona is vibrant and authentic, and her bold style allows her to teach her students with boundless energy and fervor.

Courenay Hendricks


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