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Arturo Rodriguez


The most important concepts for all drummers

The most important and universal concepts you need to know as a drummer, dancer or instrumentalist. First, you need to master your instrument. That right, technique means understanding the relationship of your instrument to your body and then how to move efficiently and consistently to create the proper sounds or notes from your instrument. Creating your sounds consistently with the least amount of energy takes understanding ergonomics or body mechanics. Now the fun part learning how to play a rhythm in the pocket is your number one goal as a musician. I will show ways to learn to develop your pocket. Once you learn how to play your particular rhythm in the pocket without distractions then the next step is to learn to play that rhythm with distractions why, do this well, it's easy to play pocket when there is nothing else around but as soon as you had other rhythmic elements that can pull you out your pocket it becomes an entirely different game. It's all about developing laser focus. Once you can develop your laser focus then the next step in your evolution is developing your mechanical independence. Mechanical independence, is one of those things that you can spend a lot of time doing. There are many exercises to help you along this path. Now you are ready to start learning how to improvise. Improvisation is infinitely deep. Once you start going down this path you be spending the rest of your life developing your ideas. I will give good solid introductory ideas about improvisation.

Artist bio

An accomplished musician, author, teacher, and DJ, Arturo has performed worldwide, sharing the stage with such music legends as Tito Puente, Dave Valentin, Paul Horn, Pete Escovedo, Brandi Carlile, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and many more. Never one to stand still for very long, Arturo is both a familiar face and a powerful force on the local Seattle music scene. While moving through the musical boundaries of Afro Cuban jazz, funk, pop, rock, and even folk music, Arturo has an amazing talent for bringing people together in a musical setting.

Arturo Rodriguez



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