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Antonio Gomez

Workshop - Well-Rounded Percussionist Series

Frame Drums and Tambourines of the Mediterranean

Frame Drums (including tambourines) have been integral to the cultures around the Mediterranean Sea for millennia. From the sacred drums associated with Isis and Cybele to the medieval Italian tarantella, the North African bendir, the Arab classical tambourine and the Spanish pandereta, these instruments have figured into the lives of royal courtesans, agrarian peasants and nomads on the move. We will explore several of the instruments and practice hands-on rhythms and techniques from several Mediterranean traditions, in addition to respectfully exploring the cultural context and geography of the drums and the people to whom they are dear.

Artist bio

Antonio M. Gomez is a percussionist, educator, arts administrator and public media producer. Musically, he specializes in Afro-Latin and Mediterranean genres and performs with Trio Guadalevin and Tango del Cielo, in addition to collaborations with Seattle's Medieval Women's Choir and Pacific MusicWorks, the Eurasia Consort, Orquesta Northwest and various Latin, funk, world and sacred music projects. He curates Deep Roots, New Branches for Early Music Seattle and is an Associate Folklorist for the Center for Washington Cultural Traditions. A former K12 teacher, Tony is the Associate Director for Education at Tacoma Arts Live, and has designed curricula for museums and PBS. He has studied percussion in Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Panama, Spain, Italy, and Morocco.

Antonio Gomez


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