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Stay tuned for the 2021 World Rhythm Festival schedule!


A1 & A2:  Bhu-Namdol

Selling Ladies Dresses, kids dresses, pants, shorts, tank top, T-shirts, bags, tapestry, key chain, hoodies, hats, singing bowls, statue, jewelry, and sweater etc.

A3:  Lhasa Trade

Fair trade clothing, jewelry, tapestries, bag, pashmina shawls, Tibetan Singing bowl.


A4:  Goddess Gear

All items are hand-made, by Shelby Mae, I have upcycled hood-scarves, travel alters, paper and hats (made from mushrooms!), jewelry, embroidered patches, book boxes, cone incense, magical mists, and hand spun wool died with mushrooms.

A5:  Semilla Designs

Handcrafted jewelry made from natural materials primarily seeds and Tagua nut.

A6:  Sumac El Sol Handmade Arts

Colorful textile arts handmade in Central and South America: woven, embroidered, and knitted apparel, accessories, and home decor. Some examples of products: Leather/embroidered textile backpacks, hand-embroidered blouses, hand-woven authentic "Panama" hats, embroidered table-runners and wall tapestries, small bags/coin purses and purses, all embroidered and colorful.

A7:  Creature Comforts 

A8:  Ade Africana

African arts and crafts

A9:  Wayi Bamboo

Unbeliebably comfortable and durable Bamboo clothing, scarves, cotton bags, coin wallets, fashion jewelry, soft bottom shoes

A10:  Estilo Clothing

Estilo Clothing is unique art apparel company with clean and expressive graphic tees that celebrate music and culture through graphic design by highlighting the many rich styles of music and culture from around the world through the medium of screen-printed t-shirts.


A11:   Layas Pottery-India

Layas Pottery attempts to uniquely present the beautiful variations of India through handicrafts and Home decor. We specialize in pottery, and handicraft from all over India.

Armory 13:  Jamtown

Jamtown fairly traded musical instruments from around the world. Kokopelli Travel Packs. Djembes. Dun Dun, Bougarabou drums and drum bags.

Loft 15:  One World Dance & Drum 

Loft 16:  Mawule

Hats and Backpacks


Loft 17:  GetAround Cars

A community car sharing company that lets every day people put their car on our platform for their neighbors to rent by the hour or day. People can log into our app and reserve cars right in their neighborhood to use to go grocery shopping, to cool festivals, or even get out of town for the weekend. We just launched in Seattle. 


Outside 1 & 2:  Hawaiin BBQ

We are a prepared on site food vendor specializing in Hawaiian cuisine. Northshore Garlic Shrimp, Korean short ribs, Hawaiian BBQ chicken, ahi Poke, Hawaiian lemonade, etc.


Outside 3 & 4:  Pop's Sausage Grill

Handcrafted Uli's Famous Sausages from Seattle. Pop’s Sausage Grill Menu Uli’s Famous Sausages $8 Thuringer Style Bratwurst Traditional German Sausage with a pinch of spices and herbs Bacon Sausage Made with pork, hardwood smoked bacon, spices, salt and natural smoked flavor Smoked Cajun Andouille Blend of chilis, garlic, thyme and other Cajun spices beechwood smoked to perfection Apple Chicken Sausage Lean chicken thigh meat, natural dried apples and a mild blend of pepper and spices Uli’s Famous Smoked Frankfurter

Outside 5: Kenyan Kitchen

We serve East African cuisine that consists of tantalizing Beef and Vegetable Sambusas, Chicken Piripiri with rice and fresh peanut sauce and also a special blend of Tropical juice. 

Outside 6:  Carribean Cuisine

Handmade Belezean food, Tamales, burritos, tacos and more!


Outside 7 & 8:  Grandma Yummies

Greek Food: Pizza, Gyros, Pulled pork, lemonade, Root beer floats!  Yummie!


Outside 9 & 10: Native Creations

Clothes & Apparel from S. America. 

Outside 11 & 12:  Indian ArtsHand made clothing,sweaters,hand made wool blankets,alpaca wool ponchos,musical instruments for children,purses,hand beaded dream catchers,hand made jewerly,friendship braselets,hats.

Hello Fresh 


Luna Bulan Jewelry 

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