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Saeed Abbas in from the Hausa tribe in Accra, Ghana.  A child prodigy, he auditioned into Ghana's premier Dance Ensemble at 19 becoming their master drummer and toured many parts of the world with them.  In 2004 was invited to the US to teach children with disabilities in the Portland, OR.  In 2008 he moved to the East Coast performing and teaching at various schools and colleges including Berklee College of Music, Dartmouth, etc.  Now back on Whidbey Island, WA, Abbas teaches and performs.  He was selected for the 2018 Teaching Artist List of WSAC.  Abbas loves to share his music!

PERFORMANCE: Saeed Abbas and the Gye Nyame Ensemble will perform on the Mural Amphitheater Stage. 

WORKSHOP: Ghanaian Hand Drum. Ghana traditional rhythms and others. Will teach to all levels in workshop.


Seattle Hand Drummers is a group dedicated to bringing hand drummers together! The mission of this group is simple: Get together and go nuts playing!  Do you play a hand drum?  Hand drummers of any type and skill level are all welcome (Djembe, Doumbek, Dhol ... bring it on !!!). We frequently receive requests from acoustic musicians who want to see what it is like to play with a drum circle as diverse as ours.  If you play an acoustic instrument and would like to join us, you are welcome to!  Also musicians in and around Seattle are welcome to recruit hand drummers for your band, next gig etc. from us. 

WORKSHOP:  "Community Engagement" with Nathan Collins

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Simone LaDrumma (yes, it’s her “real” name; no, she wasn’t born with it) began drumming professionally in 1987 as a member of Anzanga Marimba Ensemble. In January 1991 she created, "Drumming & The Holistic Expression of Rhythm" a method of learning to express rhythm organically. In 1993 she formed and led for 9 years the first all-female percussion ensemble in the Northwest, Ladies Don't Drum. "Ladies" performed internationally and with many renowned artists, such as Bobby McFerrin, the Seattle Men's Chorus, and Maya Angelou. Their album, “Nailin’ It,” was (and still is) very popular. Over the last 28 years, Simone has brought the Spirit of the Drum to thousands of  people of every background, age, physical condition and level throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. She is also a solo entertainer, blending humor and drumming as “The Stand-Up Drummer.”  Simone also works as a studio percussionist, appearing on many albums. In addition to drumming, Simone also teaches piano and improvisational dancing and singing. At the age of 77, Simone continues to teach, compose and perform wherever the Spirit of the Drum leads her.(P.S. She is one of only TWO people to have taught and/or performed in every World Rhythm Festival since its inception in 1993, and for years was Festival emcee.) 


Stand-Up Drummer:  Simone combines her drumming chops and snappy sense of humor in this short opening for our Saturday Night Dance Party.

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VamoLá! is a Brazilian drum and dance ensemble that brings the spirit of Carnaval to life through vibrant parades and performances. Our main focus is on Rio-style samba, but we perform a variety of other music and dance styles from all over Brazil. Our name means, “Let’s go!” in Portuguese, and we do just that — we get people going!


VamoLa is performing in the Armory Main Stage. 

VamoLá is back with another performance. They combine live Brazilian music with energetic dancers in stunning Brazilian costumes. They’ll be performing many types of Brazilian music and dance from around Brazil. They'll even be teaching how to dance Samba Reggae (pronounced Samba Heg-gay in Brazil) so come on up and dance along!


This is your opportunity to play Brazilian music with members of the VamoLa! percussion ensemble. We’ll start out with basic rhythm exercises, and move on to play some classic rhythms such as ijexa and samba reggae. Bring your djembe, two-tone bell, or shaker. We'll have a few instruments available to borrow — first come, first served! Join us and learn how much fun samba percussion can be!


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Education: (U.N.A.M.) Bachelor’s degree, in Classical Percussion NYC: Frank Malabé, Afro-Cuban and Latin; Horace Arnold, Jazz; Pandit Kinnar Seen, Tabla (classical Indian Music). Lessons and clinics: Steve Gadd, Billy Higgins, Tommy Campbell, Omar Hakim, Vinnie Calaiuta, Giovanni Hidalgo, Patato Valdez. Experience: 25+ yrs. teaching drums/percussion. (All styles). Former students: Max Spielberg (Steven Spielberg & Amy Irving’s son); Michael Beinhorn’s daughter; Wally “Gator” Watson (drummer-Lionel Hampton [Vibes]); Melissa Meyer, Music Manager Peter Mensch’s wife [ACDC]); Lilian Garcia, WWE diva & singer), Peter Bernstein’s Mom (guitarist); Tony Machine “drummer/Actor” (Buster Poindexter, The NY Dolls), Tony “T-Funk” (NYC Uternity Orchestra); Instructed actors for the touring “Blue Man Group”. Worked playing percussion at NYU modern dance & Afro-Cuban programs. He has instructed Afro-Cuban-Latin to NYC teachers, bandleaders, professional percussionist from many countries. He’d been endorsed and is a member of the Vic Firth Private Drum Teacher Program (PDT) since 1995. Walter was recommended in Modern Drummer Magazine August-1990 “International drum teacher’s guide” being the only teacher in NYC (Manhattan) to be included in this guide. Leaving in NYC, Walter volunteered in non-profit organizations teaching drums and percussion for disabled children, & percussion ensembles in summer camps for low-income families with children. Walter relocated to Seattle 2015.

Walter is offering AFRO-CUBAN-LATIN RHYTHMS FOR DRUM KIT & CONGAS.  Understand and learn the Clave & what it means to play the clave in 3-2, 2-3, & Bell patterns for different rhythms. This is very beneficial for any musicians/Instruments who want to learn the proper way for playing Latin or Latin-Jazz. Participants that don’t know how to read music are encouraged to record this workshop, since this workshop may be intensive for some people. 


Yasmin has been dancing, playing percussion like Middle Eastern dumbek, performing, teaching for 38 years in the Pacific Northwest.  Her styles includes Moroccan Shikhat, Afghani Logari and Herati and Egyptian Ghawazee.  She brings with her the rich culture, music and traditional costumes.  She retired from Lewis and Clark State College in Lewiston, ID where she taught the Middle Eastern Arts.  She has traveled to Morocco to learn the dances.  Yasmin has performed with Hejira, Ek Balaam and Pax Lumina bands.  She is the head percussionists for these bands.


Moroocan Shikhat.  I will share the history, costume, music and percussion of the Moroccan Shikhat.  The Shikhat is a woman's dance but the men can learn the rhythms of the dance.  I will bring my Moroccan bendir to demonstrate the rhythm.


Zorina Wolf began drumming in 1989 with Baba Olatunji and remained with him for 14 years until his death. She knew instinctively that drumming and rhythm was path to healing, leadership, wholeness, and creativity. From 1996-2008 Zorina studied the TaKeTiNa rhythm method with founder, Reinhard Flatischler. Through her studies with both teachers she has formed her own work- Whole Person Drumming. She published her first book and DVD in 2016 and is currently working on her second book embodying rhythm.


Step into Your Rhythmic Landscape
Experience another way to put rhythm on your drum or any instrument!
Become friends with beats/offbeats, finding the one, double time. Use hands or mallets on drums,  or hand percussion.
Use the voice as an anchor. Explore the great frontier of time and space!

Deconstructing 3+3+2 and 4+4
Guys! Stop! its not as heady as you think. bring your drums, any drums! if you are up for a challenge wear good walking shoes and prepare to get your mind blown. You will understand clave like never before


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