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Owner, founder and visionary of Seattle Hand Drummers, Nathan has always been involved with music. His earliest memory was in elementary school. He fell in love with the music program, with rhythm being the basic fundamentals taught. He followed his new found interest in music by picking up a trombone at the age of 9. Followed shortly afterwards by the guitar and bass at the age of 11. He started familiarizing himself with kit drums at the age of 14 and has developed his talents ever since. Nathan has explored many kinds of instruments as well as many types of musical genres. He is driven by a desire to continually learn and add to his skill set. Nathan has taught many workshops involving rhythm and percussion. He is also enjoys sharing his knowledge by teaching family, group, or individual lessons.


Join Seattle Hand Drummers in some  fun rhythms and vocal patterns that you can share with your rhythm friends. We will emphasize improvisational rhythm development, drum circle etiquette and drumming as a group. Fun for all ages. Dancers also welcome. No experience necessary.

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