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Dennis Maberry

Recording Artist and author Dennis Maberry is a versatile percussionist who has studied a variety of percussion methods including African, Afro Cuban, Afro Haitian, Middle Eastern and the rhythm concepts of India. By blending these influences Dennis has created a rhythmical style that is distinctly his own. Dennis is the author of several popular percussion instructional books including the now classic "Drum Circle Grooves" along with the follow up "Beyond Drum Circle Grooves". He has recently released his latest book "The Magic of Twelve: Polymetric Polyrhythms In Cycles of Twelve From African, Afro Cuban, and Afro Haitian Traditions". All three books feature a foreword by Arthur Hull "Father of the Modern Drum Circle Movement". Dennis' last cd "Rhythmspirit" featured several special guests including Babatunde Olatunji's Drums of Passion member Gordy Ryan, Conga Joy author Bill Matthews, frame drum master Judy Piazza, Didgeridoo master Joel Hinkle and percussionist Tor Dietrichson (member of the legendary Diga Rhythm Band led by Mickey Hart). Dennis has years of experience teaching and presenting percussion and rhythm related classes and workshops. He taught classes at the Univeristy of Illinois Springfield, community education classes at Lincoln Land Community College, and has presented workshops annually at the World Rhythm Festival in Seattle, WA.

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