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Afua Kouyate

Afua Kouyate, preserving West African cultures by presenting inter-active music, song and dance to the general public.
Afua's inspiration and concentration is in Cultural Arts Leadership, Emphasizing Therapeutic Engagement. Her diversity in training with Cultural historians, masters and teachers allows her to create and choreograph African dance and creative movements that spring from her magical ability to stimulate, excite and flow with the rhythms of the drums. While currently working with Spectrum Dance Theater and Associated Recreation Council, Afua has recently co-founded a new Cultural Arts Development that's based out of Seattle, Washington, named Kouyate Arts. Afua oversees management and leadership. For over the past 40 years, Afua has been an integral part of keeping cultural arts and entertainment vibrant in the Pacific Northwest and abroad. Co-founder of Adefua African Music &Dance Company.
Awaken your spirit and experience PlanetAfua!

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