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Trio Guadalevin





Antonio Gomez

Founded in 2014 by three distinct musicians with common interests, Trio Guadalevin explores the musical connections between Mexico and the Mediterranean. Together, percussionist Antonio Gomez (Associate Director of Education, Tacoma Arts Live) and multi-instrumentalists Abel Rocha (founding member of Correo Aereo and Los Flacos) and August Denhard (founder of Eurasia Consort, Executive Director of Early Music Northwest) explore and often reimagine the dialogue between Indigenous, European and African cultures, which defines Latin American music and identity. The ensemble takes a fresh, innovative approach to music with deep roots: from the son huasteco and son jarocho of Mexico, to Afro-Oaxacan music, Sephardic Jewish melodies, Spanish fandangos and xicaras, Arab-Andalusian song and Italian ciaccona and tarantella. Instruments featured in their performances include the guitar, oud, theorbo, baroque guitar, vihuela, jarana, quinta huapanguera, harp, bendir, riqq, bombo, pandero cuadrado, pandereta, teponatzli, cajon and more.

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