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Simone La Drumma


How to Do a Hot Solo on Hand Drums

You're in a drum circle and everyone is keeping a simple, steady rhythm, e.g. the basic beat. You've got the urge to solo, but you don't know how. Sure, you can just "bang away' at your drum, but you would like to craft something that sounds good and allows you to express yourself. Good news! The principles of solo improvisation can be taught! Bring your hand drum and your basic skills to this workshop (not for "raw beginners") and I'll give you my Ten Tips to a Hot Solo. Note: Everyone in the class will get the chance to solo.

Artist bio

Simone LaDrumma* claims she is "the world's oldest, shortest, deafest, blindest female hand drum teacher." She has been composing and performing on hand drums since 1987, first as a member of several Seattle-based bands and then, from 1992 to 1999, as founder and Director of Ladies Don't Drum, an all-female percussion ensemble who performed and recorded with the Seattle Men's Chorus, Maya Angelou, Holly Near and Bobby McFerrin, among others. Their CD, "Nailin' It" received excellent reviews.
In 1991 Simone began teaching drumming "for a loving" with the creation of Drumming & The Holistic Expression of Rhythm, a method of learning to play hand drums that bridges the gap between our ancient tribal heritage and modern life. Since that time she has brought the magic of rhythmic expression to thousands of people across the U.S., Canada and Europe. In Seattle she offers drumming classes on Afro-Cuban congas and African djembes for all levels and genders. Simone also brings her drums to parties, rituals, schools, libraries, prisons, to special populations, and everywhere the Spirit of the Drum leads her.

*Yes it's her "real" name; no, she wasn't born with it.

Simone La Drumma



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