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Many Hands Light Work is Stormi Oshun and Shaun Phoenix.  Stormi has been drumming since young adulthood, and has created and led two wildly successful women's bucket drum marching bands (Spokane, Washington and Bozeman, Montana). 


With her joyful and inclusive spirit, Stormi has been invited back repeatedly to SummerSing Women's Music Empowerment Camp and a variety of other venues to offer bucket drumming and other rhythm workshops.  Shaun Phoenix, Stormi's partner in life, love and Many Hands Light Work, has been a musician and songwriter since childhood, and is extremely effective at creating a coherent sense of connection and community where all feel welcome, heard and valued. 


Shaun is a shamanic healing practitioner, mentor and ceremonialist.  Both women are members of Yamama!, an all-woman World music and dance ensemble based in Bozeman.  Shaun and Stormi are repeat presenters at the Cody Dieruf Foundation Mother’s Retreat for Cystic Fibrosis, at the annual Celebrating Women gathering in Boulder Hot Springs, MT, and have completed Christine Stevens’ Music Medicine training.  Both are certified drum circle facilitators with Arthur Hull’s Village Music Circles.


Bucket Drumming for All (or, Put a Marching Band Where You've Always Wanted One)!  All materials will be provided for this playful, easy-access, super-fun rhythm experience.  Participants will learn simple and engaging multi-part rhythms and play them on yes, truly, 5-gallon paint buckets.  Appropriate for all ages and skill levels.


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Matthew Kine, MM, MSW comes to his work with the belief in the power of sound as a tool to connect through rhythm, motion and joy.  Matthew's journey began as a classical pianist and teacher, which he taught at Southern Methodist University from 2001-2016.  During his tenure, he began studying the art of Dalcroze Music Education and became convinced that the embodiment principles to be fundamental to the soul of the musician.  Matthew has earned his Advanced Certificate in Jaques-Dalcroze Education, 200 YTT from the Dallas Yoga Center and travels around the country training teachers in the art of embodying sound.  Matthew resides in Dallas where teaches piano, drum circle facilitation, offers sound healing sessions, coaches and teaches yoga through embodiment principles.


Rhythmic Modes: Playing with Patterns
This interactive workshop will outline the rhythmic modes as a tool for deciphering rhythmic patterns. These modes were initiated by the ancient Greeks and offered the tools to memorize and retain epic poems like the Illiad and the Odyssey.  We will play with these patterns and names and use these ideas to explore the interlocking patterns we all love to experience in a community drum circle.  This workshop will involve some pattern names, some movement and lots and lots of play. Come prepared to Share Your Spirit!!


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Meera Krishna is an accomplished Carnatic classical singer and Bharatanatyam dancer. She was initiated into vocal music at the age of three by her mother and Guru, Smt. RadhaKrishna, who belongs to the Thyagaraja Shishya Parampara via the Alathur school. Smt. Radha trained under P.S Thirumalachariar, a student of Alathur Venkatesha Iyer, the Guru of the famous Alathur brothers. Meera’s first performance was at age 5 over All India Radio (AIR) Delhi, and from then on, she performed regularly over AIR and Doordarshan (National Television).

Meera believes that music inspires emotive dance (abhinaya), and uses her intensive training in Carnatic music and abhinaya to make the interplay of music and dance very cohesive, as well as explore new territories for their collaboration. Her musical expertise also enables her to compose music for her new dance productions. She loves to teach and share her knowledge of these art forms with her enthusiastic and dedicated students.


Indian classical dance  

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