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Jagadeeswaran is an accomplished Mridangam (a South Indian drum) artist in the Pacific Northwest.

PERFORMANCE:  Carnatic Percussion Ensemble on the Armory Main Stage


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James Morford is a performer, educator, and scholar specializing in music and dance in Guinea, West Africa and its diasporas. He earned a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology from the University of Washington.


Back to Basics: A Fresh Look at Djembe and Dunun Fundamentals

Djembe and dunun music typically includes signals known as "calls" or "breaks" that contain often-overlooked information regarding rhythmic feel. This information is fundamental to successful playing. Through active participation, this workshop will shed new light on two common djembe signals. Participants will learn how to apply the information contained within these signals, and play both familiar and new repertoire with better groove.

Participants will need to bring a djembe or similar hand drum.


John Hayden is an adventure traveler with artisan friends around the world that create rhythm instruments for his company Jamtown®. Since 1995 he promotes in -the-moment & accessible music play for youth, community and business. His daughter Lily, now 11, showed him that none of that stuff works for 2 year old’s. Since then he also writes & performs tots music with ukulele and Jamtown props. He produces the Northwest Folklife ‘Rhythm Tent’ Stage since 2004 and teaches hand drum in Edmonds. Join his event newsletter at www.JamtownLive.com


Musical Space Adventure for Kids featuring the Sun Moon Star Drum 
Bring the whole family - INCLUDING the toddlers - for an all ages jam featuring Jamtown fair trade rhythm instruments from around the world. e provide shakers, bells, frogs, sticks and drums. Let's BLAST OFF with rhythmic games and free play focused on the little ones!


INTRO TO DRUM CIRCLE FACILITATION – Arthur Hull and Jon Hayden will be co-presenting a hands-on active seminar on the basics of Drum Circle Facilitation. Bring your drum and percussion instruments to join in with this fun drum circle training experience.

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