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Catherine Bird is a hooper and fire performer based out of Tacoma, WA. Her love of movement began when she saw fire poi spinners for the first time in 2003 at a small house party. With electronic music as her soundtrack she began to explore the flow arts, delving into poi, hoops, fans, staff, and fire eating. In 2011 she began performing professionally and since then she has brought her love of fire and flow all over the Puget Sound, entertaining for everything from children’s events to corporate occasions to music video shoots to burlesque shows. She is passionate about her bellydance and yoga studies and integrates this cross training into her hoop dance.


For more information check out www.catherinebirddance.com.


Introduction to Hula Hooping - Build a strong foundation for your hoop journey! Catherine will cover basic moves and some of their exciting variations as well as how they can flow seamlessly together. This workshop focuses on technique and posture. Students will explore fundamental practices which they can come back to again and again even as they advance their skills. Hoops will be available for in class use but feel free to bring your own adult sized dance hoop if you have one. Wear comfortable attire you can move in. Hoop hoop!


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Claudia Lyra is the owner, teacher and artistic director at BRAPA - Brazilian Portuguese and Arts in San Diego, CA. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, and growing up in the city of Londrina - PR, Claudia has shared Brazilian culture in the United States since 2003. 

Brazilian traditional music, Capoeira, and storytelling are not just highly entertaining, they are powerful tools for teaching. These cultural treasures of Brazil’s open young hearts and minds to the wonderful sounds, emotions, and values of the Brazilian culture through music appreciation and making. Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music, brings an awareness to the physical possibilities and limitation of the human body in addition to the history of the country.

WORKSHOP:  Brazilian Rhythms with Body Beat


The Cooper drummers and dancers are from Spokane Washington. They have been performing African drum and dance throughout the Northwest for over 19 years. This is their 18th year at the WRF.

The Cooper Drummers will perform on the Mural Amphitheater


Formed for Olympia's Procession of the Species, Crow Drummers plays original drum songs in the style of the Hamana Region of Guinea, West Africa. We play to honor the people and traditions of our distant ancestors, to honor our winged neighbors and for joy. 

Crow Drummers are performing on the Mural Amphitheater.

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