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Bill found drumming as a way of relieving PTSD and Gulf War Illness for himself. Since he started drumming in the late 90's, he has gotten a AA in Music and a BA in Psychology/Mind Body Medicine. He also has played with two different Drum and Dance Troupes and several Rock bands. Bill is also the Author of the book "RHYTHM HEALING. " The science behind WHY Rhythm effects Health.

Bill is offering a workshop:  

Drumming for Stress Relief:  Rhythm Healing-- Participants will learn easy methods of creating healthy outcomes and will also highlight key takeaways. Drums are used but not needed.


Bill Woods is a teacher, performer, author, composer, and studio musician.  He has taught workshops at Folklife, SWRF, and Dusty Strings as well as being available for private lessons.  He plays bodhran in Keltoi.  His four books Bodhran: the Basics, Bodhran: Beyond the Basics, Playing the Frame Drum, and The Rhythm Encyclopedia are published by Mel Bay Publications and sold all over the world.  His compositions have been performed, recorded, and used on the sound track of a documentary film.  He has recorded on projects as varied in style as classical, new age, and heavy metal as well as traditional Celtic music.

Bill is offering a workshop:

Playing the Bodhran This workshop will cover the basics of playing the bodhran: how to hold the bodhran, how to hold the stick, how to strike the bodhran.  Basic Irish dance rhythms will be taught, and we will explore ways to make these rhythms more interesting using accents, rests, rolls, and syncopation.  Participants should ideally have a bodhran and stick, but any type of frame drum can be used for learning.


Born into a Griot tradition, the song of Djely Nounke Kouyate, who was a guitarist, ballaphonist and a traditional storyteller. His mother Djene Dioubate is also a Djely popular singer in Guinea. From ceremony to ceremony every day, Boka strapped to his mother's back as a child, is when he began singing with his mom at a young age. His father with the Ballaphone and stories within their tradition directed Boka's first musical education. Soon after he attended French school for many years and this is when he began writing his own songs.

As a young Djely in tradition, he became a student of Science and completed Microbiology degree from the University of Kankan in 2010. In 2008, gaining citywide recognition as the General Director of the national performance company called Gnankoumandoua who preserves their Ancestral path.

With his voice and the Djembe drum, Boka toured throughout West Africa with a lot of Guinea famous artists, such as; Requins De Ballakala from 2000 to 2014.

Moving to the United States in early 2014, Multi-talented Djely Boka Kouyate, Co-founded an inter-active Performance Company of drummers, dancers and singers and he is the lead vocalist and composer and director of the Djeliyah Band, creatively connecting a fusion of Traditional Djely music to the world.

Boka has 2 offerings:

Boka and his instruments. Singing and playing; Guitar, Ballaphone, Djembe, Doundoun and Story telling about the Djely tradition of West Africa.

Workshop:  Boka will teach Maninka Drumming to all levels. Please bring a drum and learn traditional drumming and singing from the Master Djembefola from Guinea, West Africa.

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