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For over 20 years Anzanga has brought the electrifying energizing music of African marimba to weddings, schools, festivals, culture events and more. We draw our repertoire primarily from Zimbabwe influences from Mozambique, South Africa and Gambia, in addition to playing compositions of our own. We are based in Seattle, Washington, and have toured nationally and internationally.  Our ensemble plays using eight marimbas – three Sopranos, three tenors, a baritone, and a base – and hoshos, or gourd shakers. The marimbas are handcrafted xylophones made from various hardwoods. The keys are fine-tuned to reflect tones playing African societies. Each key sits above a resonator with a vibrating membrane to amplify the sound and add a unique “buzz” to the music.  Anzanga, which means “to our friends” draws its name and music from the rich cultural heritage of Africa. We’re honored to share this joyful and vibrant music, and our goal is to entertain, enlighten and inspire all who hear us!

Performance: Armory Main Stage

Workshop: Experience Zimbabwean Style Marimba- "If you move your hands and hear the sounds you can play marimba", Sheree Seretse. Come participate in the ensemble of polyphonic and polyrhythm marimba music. The music is accessible and engaging. "Come join the fun"!

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