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Aaron David is a performer, educator, and researcher specializing in Mande djembe and dunun music. He is the creator of the website Konkoni.org, and works as a music clinician internationally.

WORKSHOP with James Morford

Back to Basics: A Fresh Look at Djembe and Dunun Fundamentals

Djembe and dunun music typically includes signals known as "calls" or "breaks" that contain often-overlooked information regarding rhythmic feel. This information is fundamental to successful playing. Through active participation, this workshop will shed new light on two common djembe signals. Participants will learn how to apply the information contained within these signals, and play both familiar and new repertoire with better groove.

Participants will need to bring a djembe or similar hand drum.


Aaron Kierbel is a professional drummer from Oakland, CA and the founder of RhythmALLogy, using drumming and rhythm to build human connection and community within an increasingly disconnected modern world. He has presented in schools, jails, shelters, festivals and corporate boardrooms, and consults as a teaching artist with top Bay Area organizations such as Destiny Arts, Performing Arts Workshop, LEAP and Attitudinal Healing Connection. He tours  nationally and internationally as a drummer with genre-defying group Rupa and the April Fishes.


Sweet Rhythms: Chocolate + Drumming
This workshop will explore the delicious connection between chocolate and drumming. Be prepared for an interactive, multi-sensory experience: Drums will be played, chocolate will be tasted and a smile will be on your face as you experience the joy of creating Sweet Rhythms together.



A native of Guyana, South America, Abby is no stranger to dance and music. Her passion for rhythm was awakened upon her discovering the Seattle World Rhythm Festival in 1999. She began facilitating her own drum circles after attending Arthur Hull's Hawaii Facilitators Playshop in 2010.  Abby discovered that some people found drum circles intimidating, often hearing objections such as, "But I'm not a drummer!"  This led her to focus on "found sound".  With the addition of voice, body percussion, and available percussion toys, she invites you to discover how to play with rhythm in an encouraging environment where you can listen, interact, connect and groove to ONE pulse.  Abby lives in British Columbia, and currently leads Rhythm Circles in Vancouver, North Vancouver, New Westminster and Chilliwack.  When travelling, she shares her playful, rhythmic spirit wherever she goes.

Abby is teaching two workshops:

Found Sound Rhythm Circle is the joy of percussion though the discovery of found sound.  The Found Sound Rhythm Circle gets your creative juices flowing as we discover common things that can be made into rhythmic instruments – chairs, water bottles, zippers? What will you bring?  Our discovered “instruments” along with body percussion and voice will be used to create new improvisations with the use of rhythmic games that encourage listening, interacting, connecting and grooving to ONE pulse.  Bring your “found sound” for this rhythm circle. Fun for all ages.


AFUA KOUYATE. Preserving West African cultures by presenting inter-active music, song and dance to the general public.

Afua's inspiration and concentration is in Cultural Arts Leadership, Emphasizing Therapeutic Engagement. Her diversity in training with Cultural historians, masters and teachers allows her to create and choreograph African dance and creative movements that spring from her magical ability to stimulate, excite and flow with the rhythms of the drums. While currently working with Spectrum Dance Theater and Associated Recreation Council, Afua has recently co-founded a new Cultural Arts Development that's based out of Seattle, Washington, named Kouyate Arts. Afua oversees management and leadership. For over the past 40 years, Afua has been an integral part of keeping cultural arts and entertainment vibrant in the Pacific Northwest and abroad. Co-founder of Adefua African Music & Dance Company.

Awaken your spirit and experience PlanetAfua!

WORKSHOP:  West African Dance with Afua Kouyate.  
An inter-active dance experience with live drumming! This dance workshop will cater to all levels of dance. Please come prepared to dance barefoot and wear comfortable clothing. There will be all levels of dance on the global dance floor. Come dance, enjoy your experience and share your dance with others!

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